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An update on Meeps (and why it's a good time to be a TALL dev)

A long overdue update on how the development of Meeps is going!

It's a great time to SaaS

Josh talks about why it's such a great idea to build a software product right now.

Launching a SaaS. Selling a SaaS.

Here's a quick update on how things are going with Meeps and Upscribe

Never going solo again

I'm working on a new project with Justin Jackson. Here's what it's been like so far...

I got micro-acquired

Recovered from surgery and back with an exciting announcement. One of my businesses has been acquired!

Time to get a job

Time to make a change. Here's how the last 7 months have gone and my plans moving forward.

PART 2: SaaS sales + getting to revenue quickly w/ Landon Bennet of AdReform

In this episode (part 2 of 2) Josh talks to Landon Bennet of AdReform about finding and closing on larger SaaS customers.

PART 1: Finding and closing bigger SaaS customers w/ Landon Bennet of AdReform

In this episode (part 1 of 2) Josh talks to Landon Bennet of AdReform about finding and closing on larger SaaS customers.

Founder depression

Josh talks about what it's been like managing his mental health while trying to grow a software company full-time. There's also a tiny rant about a certain well-known exit and how the employees were "taken care of".

Building an email marketing solution as an IndieHacker

Josh gives a quick update on how things are going with Upscribe, the new Paid Newsletters craze, and how tech like Laravel Vapor makes possible to build an ESP as an IndieHacker.

Focusing on just one product (still not ready for freemium)

Took the plunge! Josh talks about what it's been like after a month of working on Upscribe full-time.

Should you start multiple businesses? (I built something new)

As a maker, it's easy to get distracted by new technologies or emerging fads. But is it a great idea to start more than one thing? Also, I started a new thing...

What not to work on next (advice from successful founders)

Josh goes over some things he's learning about juggling priorities as a founder/GM

You should be collecting customer feedback

Three major things I've learned about customer feedback so far working on a customer feedback platform.

What is "normal" now?

What will "business as usual" look like after this whole thing blows over? Plus; a few ways us techies can help during a pandemic.

Getting COVID-19, un-productivity hacks, and market differentiators

A bit of an update about the fam & I (as we've been recovering from COVID-19). I also rant about one of the best differentiators I think a business can have in a crowded market.

Head of Product at Userfeed.io

Joshua interviews the new Head of Product at Userfeed.io...

Rob Walling of MicroConf & TinySeed on his Stairstep Approach to Bootstrapping

Rob Walling (of MicroConf, TinySeed, Drip, HitTail...) takes the mic to talk about the approach he - and now many others - have taken to go from side gig to a profitable SaaS business.

The big Stripe dispute: a cautionary tale

While driving his mini-van home one evening, Josh talks about a Stripe dispute that happened over Christmas time and gives updates on Podmelon (his newly branded podcast editing business) and Upscribe.

Repositioning a platform-reliant product

Stuck in traffic on my way home from downtown Vancouver, I talk about how the repositioning of Upscribe is going. I also give an update on the podcast editing business, and do some solo-founder venting...

Stuck at $5K MRR...now what?

I'm back after missing a week. Today's episode is a bit of a recap on what I've been up to, Upscribe's apparent revenue peak, and the productized service business I've started on the side.

Ben Orenstein of Tuple.app on building a fast-growing bootstrapped company

In this episode I talk to Ben Orenstein of Tuple.app and Art Of Product podcast about how years of building "social capital" with his audience has paid off with the "faster than expected" growth of Tuple.

Matt Wensing of SimSaaS.co on why you don't need a co-founder and taking funding from TinySeed

In this episode Matt talks about why he's chosen not to have a co-founder with his new company. He also talks about his experience with TinySeed and why he took funding right away.

Landon and Kyle of Userfeed.io and AdReform.com on using continues customer feedback to inform product

Landon Bennet and Kyle Conarro recently hit $250K ARR with Userfeed and AdReform. We talk about their journey to profitability and how hard it really is to get there.

Mubashar Iqbal of PodHunt on building the company you want to work for

Mubs and I chat about learning to code, side projects (he's built over 80 so far) and building the business you actually want to work for. We also talk about why he is building PodHunt; a leaderboard of the podcasts people are recommending.

Matt Wensing of SimSaaS.co on scaling Stormpulse pricing from $0/mo to $30k/mo

I had the privilege of chatting with Matt Wensing about his first company Stormpulse and how he evolved the freemium product through customer interviews until he was able to charge up-words of $30k/mo and eventually pivoting entirely into enterprise.

Justin Jackson of Transistor.fm on why I'm not gaining traction

Justin Jackson reached out about why he felt Upscribe isn't gaining the traction I had hoped for. We talk about why well-known writers and brands are leaving Medium.com in droves, what I should do next, and whether business is right for me in the first place.

Benedikt Deicke of Userlist.io on competing with Intercom in an established market

I had an awesome chat with Benedikt Deicke (co-founder of Userlist.io) about his start in development at 15, initial experience building a SaaS company for metal bands, how he met his co-founders and formed Userlist.io, and how customer interviews have fueled the launch and development of the product in a well established market.

Going part time / building for everyone == building for no-one

Making a change! One that will affect Upscribe, and this podcast. I also reflect on my time in a rock band and how it has influenced the way I build software.

Product launches: Build first vs talk to customers first

After receiving some extremely appreciated listener feedback I go into more detail about how I started Upscribe following a failed project (that I also talk about) and the lessons learned. I also talk about the successful Product Hunt launch that brought in Upscribe' first 1000 users in just over a week.

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